Patti Brown, MA

LMFT 2482, Life Coach

Patti’s passion is to help others heal and find joy in their lives. She excels where the tried and true may have lacked, looking for creative heartfelt solutions to the challenges of everyday life. Growth sometimes needs to be launched outside the box. She graduated from the Adler Graduate School in 2003, famous in teaching their therapists that mutual respect and leadership by encouragement are the keystone to happiness and success.

Patti is currently working on a second Master’s Degree in Nutrition Therapy, believing that physical and emotional health are firmly integrated. Her education around renewing our relationship with food helps clients to both understand the food-mood connection and reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression so often associated with endless dieting.

“I bring compassion, current research, and humor to help you let go of stubborn blocks, depression, anxiety and past trauma. I also utilize a solution focused approach to sobriety support. I can teach you to communicate your needs more effectively both to yourself and others. As a mother and grandmother, I have developed some patience and wisdom as to where to push and where to let go. I love to learn from everywhere I go, though humbly admit that most of what I know came from raising an autistic son and rehabilitating rescue horses. “

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